Monday, September 29, 2008


My arms are so sore that I can barely move - I just peeled a banana ouch ouch ouch. We went rock climbing at Mt. Diablo on Saturday, which was fun but was a big painful reminder that I am a weakling. The downer downside: even though I spent my day in strenuous effort, nothing counts for that workout challenge. The upside: it was gorgeous, and the company was good.

One thing about this climbing trip was that those in attendance were primarily Greenpeacers. One perky chick who works for the Rainforest Action Network was there too, and she had an interesting story. In August, she was on the roof of the Chinese consulate helping another protester on ropes hang a Free Tibet-type banner. The officials cut the ropes, then beat this girl with lead pipes until the cops showed up. Then she was arrested.

You know what happens when you hang out with activists? You start to realize your job is for sissies.

Anyway, it was a really fun day, protest horror stories aside. Here is Mike belaying someone in a Super Tough manner.
This weekend also involved ice cream and Zeitgeist and football. OH, and the Folsom Street Fair, which I was not really prepared for. There were a lot of assless chaps - fine. But there was also bondage and whipping and fellatio on the streets. Who knew? Everyone but me, I guess. But it was also a good old fashioned street fair in other ways, with beer and bands and a lot of happy people in costume. Plus I got a nice "tan" (read: mild burn that will be tan for two days then disappear completely). I will put some photos up when I get a chance - you just can't wait, can you? My mother requested that I not send her photos of old man penis. Check.

Oh also, Thursday night we went for sushi and sake and I was a MESS on Friday. I don't know if it was food poisoning or the spontaneous hangover from hell, but I was nauseated to the point that I contemplated knocking myself unconscious just to avoid the misery for a bit. I took a lot of photos that I don't remember taking, but most are done with my iPhone and just look creepy and blurry. Like this one:

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