Thursday, September 11, 2008


It is time that I talked about the farm again, because it is a lovely place to be, and because I took pictures of vegetables that I am sure you cannot live without. Also, we saw Willie Nelson play at a vineyard on Friday, and I want to brag about that.

The drive out to Sonora is supposed to be only 2 1/2 hours, but that is if you don't take into account the hell that is the Dublin-Livermore-Stockton corridor. I don't know why there are so many people out there, and I don't know why they are always in their cars, but they need to stop being in my way because it makes me angry. Luckily I had a few "This American Life" episodes on my phone, so we listened to those and the time passed. Slowly.

By the time we got to the Sonora area the sun was setting, and because we were in the foothills, looking down on the hazy traffic hellhole from which we had come, the sunset was glorious. By the time we got to the vineyard to meet Katie and Larry it was night, and we parked in a big dusty field a la my hometown fireworks, for which we always parked in the St. Charles corn field. (There is a really good story associated with this fireworks parking lot, but it involves my mom laying the smack down on a mother for hitting her child, and is better told in person.)

So we saw Willie Nelson, and he was great. He played almost everything we wanted him to play, except no "Stay a Little Longer" for me, and no "Pancho and Lefty" for Mike. Our disappointment was hard to hold onto, though, because Katie told us


She totally is, just over a month in. Larry thinks it is twins, and I will not even tell you why he thinks he knows that. Aside from talking about bebbes all weekend, we also worked the market, and watched a lot of football.

Obligatory farmer's market shots:

We also went out for a fabulous meal, and ate pizza, and played with Sampson, who is now a Big Boy. It was lovely and wholesome and relaxing, and I think Mike has dreams of dropping everything and moving out there. An idea which Larry and Katie would probably not support, as I am neither a particularly good farmer or babysitter. I sure am good at drinking beer and watching football, though.

A final photo. Please note Larry's hand on the soon-to-be baby bump. Well done, K & L!

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