Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back to the future

Search the 2001 internet! It's another one of the Goog's 10th birthday features. My vanity search returned these results:
  • Montgomery Township Board of Ed National Merit Scholarship semifinalist list - fascinating. (Also on the list: Ben Bernanke's son, my high school boyfriend, my best friend, a wolf shirt girl who is now a super hottie, and Harland T. Westgate, who had the most pretentious name in the school district.)
  • An interview for lacrosse in the Princeton Packet in which I say "I am excited" at least five times.
  • My really sad time in the Run for Aimee 5k (29:21 - a 9.5 minute mile average, boo).
And that is IT. Oh, the dark ages of the intertubes.


Hilary said...

AH SO COOL!!!!! I found: 1) my name in the roster of the Wellesly College Choir, circa first year and 2) an local Seattle-suburb newspaper article about my high-school performance in "Into the Woods." Awesome.

GGB said...

I had no idea you were a singer-lady! That's awesome. See, 2001 just taught me so much.