Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holy crap, what a weekend.

I spent the weekend camping in Castle Rock State Park; more on that later. Right now I am preoccupied with the civilization I returned to. Things that I found out when I got down from the mountain:
  • Gustave missed New Orleans, woohoo. I checked in with Amelia to make sure her ranch did not blow or float away. It did neither.
  • Sarah Palin and her family WTF?
  • My best friend Stef got all-of-a-sudden engaged, and is getting married next week! I just booked a last-minute flight to New York so I can be there in city hall when she and Nathan are joined in holy matrimony. She is a super practical lady, and they have been together a long time and love each other very much, but I am still all ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhmarriedahhhhhhhhhhhhIreallycan'tbelieveit.
Which brings me to yet another set of bullet points: the tendency of the people I love to have seriously non-traditional unions. Thus far, the marriages in my circle of friends include:
  • an elopement in Arizona between a cowgirl and an illegal Mexican immigrant;
  • a super girly lesbian wedding;
  • a grand ceremony in an ancient Italian cathedral;
  • a wedding in a farming community, in which the turkey dinner had been slaughtered by the bride herself and there was a photo of Jerry Garcia on the straw bale altar;
and now this! Lest you think I am being judgy, I think all of these unions are wonderful and loving and a testament to the rad people I have in my life. But jesus, guys - at some point I'm going to start craving a Save the Date card and a VFW hall.

Anyone else freaked out by the engagements and weddings?

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Morgan said...

Well, honey, sweetie-of-my-life, I can assure you that you will not be hearing of any thing of this sort coming from my direction. And, when (if!), the day ever comes, it will be a total east coast, Wasp-infused, Brooks Brothers-suit affair. No need to ruffle the feathers of tradition with this one.