Monday, April 15, 2013

Hive mind

I am covered in hives, y'all, and have been for 36+ hours. It is not comfortable. They ebb and flow, with some nasty eruptions right before bedtime (yippee), and a lull in the middle of the day that makes me slightly more acceptable to society. But only barely. I have some theories on where they came from - namely a combination of crazy pollen + some Chinese food - but I'm more concerned about them getting gone, asap.

But! I will not let the itchy redness keep me down, because there is so. much. good. going on these days.

1. We leave for Turkey on Thursday! By Friday we will be strolling the streets of Istanbul and eating all the things.

2. I'm booked for Yes by Yes Yes, an "unconference" a friend is putting together in Palm Springs. A lady-run, tech-geek heaven in the desert (caveat: in July, holy heat). It is going to be good.

3. Taxes got done. Hallelujah. I really hate procrastinating.

4. We booked the house for my July 4/birthday celebration: Park Place on the Russian River. Can't wait to be floating in the sun.

5. We spent Friday night with friends. Below is their view, and their baby, and their pig. I love it all.
6. Mah dudes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

New identity?

Maybe I should give the World of Tanks a go? The curse of the gbrennan email address strikes again.