Monday, May 12, 2008

Stuff I Eat

Friday night I whipped up a post-yoga dins of our last bits of veggielivery: romaine lettuce with roasted beets, mozzarella cheese, and lots of balsamic vinegar. I roasted some carrots, too, and tossed them with ume plum vinegar, soy sauce and maple syrup, and used white trash garlic bread (butter & garlic salt) to sop it all up. It looked like this:Does that look gross? Maybe it does, but it was delicious. Anyway, the next morning I made some crepes and repurposed our leftovers - behold, beet-carrot-cheese crepes a la me:
It was a crepe-tastic weekend: we also ate them with just cheese, or just maple syrup, or smothered in Nutella. Nutella makes foods that it cannot be smeared on entirely irrelevant.

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