Monday, May 12, 2008

My bebbes

Our garden is growing! Our garden is growing! We've gotten a little out of control with our urban farming experiment, but so far everything is growing beautifully. As of Saturday the seedlings were still in their initial planters, but yesterday we transferred them to larger containers.

Beans in the foreground, kale behind them, basil behind that. On the right, sage and catnip.To the left, Texas bluebonnets (guess whose idea that was); to the right, tomatoes.
Replanting tomatoes, the jalapeno plant, and one of Mike's succulents.
Our bedroom, taken over. From left: butternut squash, lavender, jalapeno, bluebonnets, tomatoes, kale, beans. Below: more tomatoes, bell pepper, basil, cilantro, sage and catnip.
Beans, kale, tomatoes, bluebonnets, jalapeno, lavender. Tomato-lets in tomato cans!
Despite the three sets of bay windows in our apartment, we don't get much direct sunlight, so who knows if these things will actually produce vegetables. We've maximized what light there is, though, and are hoping that in a few months we'll be eating food we grew ourselves!

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