Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The hills are alive

Mike's new Bay Area radio show is up on the tubes.

This show, from what I overheard Mike saying into the mic over and over again when he was recording it, has a selection of songs from a music collective that we've never heard of. That's notable only in that I was pretty sure Mike knew every band in this city that was making anything worthwhile, and most of those that are not, too.

Por ejemplo: Thursday I caught up with Mike at Hemlock. (I had been at a friend's website launch party, which featured Boots Riley of The Coup - rad!) We ran into pretty much everyone I know in this city that did not go to Wellesley, of which about 89% are in bands. It was the most San Francisco scene ever - the whiskey, the tattoos, the dishevelment. One dude was wearing what I am pretty sure was the collar of one of my grandma's acrylic sweaters around his head; he had wisely chosen not to sport his customary iridiscent motley bingo-lady jacket. There was also a bunch of other band people, and a dude who lives near us and takes good pictures, a friend of his who we keep running into at parties and it's awkward because I can't help scoping his combover, and some other people. And Ace.

Um, point of story = listen to the show, it's good, and I'm only sort of just saying that because my boyfriend made it.

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