Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am not George, Gary, Greg, Geoff, or whoever else you think I am

I guess there are a lot of G Brennans out there, because at least once a week I get an email meant for someone else. Today I got George Brennan's coupon for 20% off at Casual Male, which I am sure he will sorely miss.

I have also been getting repeated emails from a woman who thinks that I am a headstone engraver and is eager to provide me with specifications for her daughter's headstone. This would be morbid except that she is a pretty cheery lady - when I wrote back to tell her the email address she has for Gerry is incorrect and that I was sorry for her loss, her reply was downright perky. Aside from having good coping skills, I know that she lives in Dublin, her daughter was 42 and named Denise, and, oddly enough, she has two names, which she alternates signing off with. Not only that, but Denise is buried next to her father, who is named John(sean). I am pretty Irish, and I have never heard of putting your saint's name in parentheses, if that is what is going on here.

In any case, she keeps emailing me, and I'm not really sure what to do - keep correcting her? Maybe her names are her two different personalities that emerged after the tragic loss of her daughter, and they keep getting their wires crossed as to how to get in touch with Gerry. Or maybe she is just busy.

In any case, this is the burden I bear for being an early Gmail adopter.


almhall said...

i could be (am) a mean person, but i just laughed insanely at this. ohboy.

nicole drespel said...

John is the Saint's name. And John-Sean is interchangable in Irish. I think it must mean that he went by Sean but his formal, catholic, baptismal name was John.

Mystery solved.

Also, Irish people are super weird at e-mail.