Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recurring adventures in non-traditional body hair

I passed my diseased lungs onto Mike, so our Memorial Day weekend was significantly less than ambitious. We still got to see lots of people we love, though, including those who have come to have a defining part in how we view the world: Josh, Toby, CJ, President Bartlet, and the rest of the cast of the West Wing. We also watched a lot of Weeds, but Mary Louise-Parker's character is kind of a twat, so I am avoiding learning life lessons there.

We did manage to rally for a rousing game of wiffleball, where I met a guy with an American flag shaved into his chest. I am just that lucky. He really liked my sweatshirt and offered to buy it off me, but since I don't wear it nearly as often as he made it clear that he will, I let him have it. He took down my address, promising to send me a surprise in the mail one day - I am not holding my breath. We memorialized the moment in this photo:One thing I should note about this dude: he showed up with his wife, another topless guy in neon shorts, and a comparatively mild-mannered man who is Meg's friend from their hometown of (no joking) Normal, Illinois. They rolled up in a stretch limo and had the driver wait while we played, a fact that made a little more sense when we found out they were visiting from LA.

Now Mike is on a plane to DC, and I leave later in the week for over a month of almost straight travel. I am pretty sure I will not meet too many more people with alternative body hair styles, though my fingers are crossed.

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