Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trip Report

On Memorial Day weekend we did a 3 day backpacking trip near the Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite. I picked the Hetch Hetchy area because it's visited way less than other areas of the park, and because the snow line was still low enough to prevent us from doing anything in the Toulumne area. So this was two weeks ago now, but I'm still processing, so bear with me.

For those who don't know, the Hetch Hetchy is a dammed reservoir that is the source of San Francisco's water. Which is why this photo is so hilarious. 

Right? But anyway, it was a fantastic hike, though the first day included a pretty long climb. Totally worth it, and the second day we got to ford a river, first thing in the morning. 

Doesn't Mike look happy? The second day had a lot of climbing as well, and ended at Rancheria Falls, which turned out to have a sweet - and freezing cold - swimming hole.

That's my splash! Please note that the strangers on the far shore are wearing bathing suits. I mean, really? Who does that on a backpacking trip? Wouldn't you rather go for the twofer and clean your underwear a bit while you're swimming?

So, yeah. We got all fresh and clean, and on the third day we hiked out along the reservoir. 

It was exactly what you ask for from this kind of a trip - peace and quiet, campfires, great weather, decent daily mileage (~10), good company, and enough tasty food. Plus whiskey, which I will only drink in the backcountry.

And that's what I did on my Memorial Day vacation. The end.