Monday, June 8, 2009

I love the aquarium

I really really do. Because you get to ogle animals, without the guilt that accompanies seeing a large mammal in a small cage. Because fishes aren't people. This weekend we went to the Monterey aquarium, and we saw sea otters and regular type otters and mating seahorses and pregnant male seahorses and octopi.

And these things.

And jellyfish, which I always forget are totally awesome.

Other things I love:
  • dinner with Lianna at Alembic
  • Catchphrase at Candybar
  • brunch with Hilary! who lives in SF for the summer!
  • seeing Beth and Goof's new house
I'm not happy that my voice makes me sound like I've been smoking a pack a day since the late 1940's, but I am just going to have to deal. New York again this week, for my brother's graduation. 

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