Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The one that got away

Yesterday we looked at an amazing apartment. It was in a gorgeous old Victorian building, with the following perfect details:
  • in between the Lower Haight and Duboce Park
  • across from a mini park with frolicking Australian Shepherds
  • on the top floor with a view of downtown
  • two bedrooms
  • kitchen with a pass-through and space for a dining table
  • living room with a turret, a built-in circular windowseat, and a mini covered balcony that would have meant we could keep the floor-to-ceiling windows open almost all the time
  • huge sunny back deck
  • gorgeous stained glass details all over the place
  • all for $1500 a month
BUT: no cats. We pretty much begged. What if our cat is fat and well behaved? What if we have landlord references for her? Don't you think that you're being unnecessarily discriminatory? Do you realize that we want this apartment very very badly? Aren't you charmed and/or intimidated by our fervor?

But they weren't. Heartbreaking. At least we know these kinds of places are out there...

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dethbakin said...

Oh man that is tragic. It is so annoying when people don't allow cats. At worst (ie Benjamin), they do a job on your furniture, but never harm the actual apartment in any way. Lame.