Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CA State Park closings

California sucks and blows at life right now, and I feel like I'm spending half my time signing petitions for and against various things. Which is ironic, because it's the people's participation in policymaking that seems to have screwed things up so bad. Ballot system, you are terrible, and direct democracy doesn't work because people are idiots.

Except for the people I know. So you should take a look at this list of state park closings, and then send this email to your legislators and the Governator.

It will be so, so sad if these closures go through. I moved to California to get to spend more time outside, and I'll be seriously disappointed if these parks get shut down. 

Just legalize marijuana already, and let the tax revenue come pouring in. It's that easy, right?


Deb Goodman said...

I agree, the California State government is messed up: it's easier to pass an amendment to the constitution than it is to pass a budget.


Michelle said...