Friday, June 26, 2009

Apartment hunting

Mike and I are looking for a new apartment - not because we don't love our current place (which is a really good deal), but because we want a little more space, and a garden or deck, and a new neighborhood to explore. Today I looked at a place on Sanchez Street by Duboce Park, and MY GOD the block was gorgeous. Tree-y but sunny, with a sidewalk cafe at the end of the block that reminded me of Berlin. And flat! So flat! You could ride downtown with nary a hill!

Unfortunately the apartment was a Romeo flat, which I thought was a cute and vague description of the kind of building - Edwardian, Victorian, Romeo, etc. But no - it means you have to pass right through all the rooms to get to the kitchen in the back, which is awkward and not at all romantic. Nor is it a step up from our current place. So, bummer. But I have two mighty weapons at my disposal in this hunt: perseverance, and a month-to-month lease. Oh, and a third: a job that lets me be on the internets all day and therefore obsessively check Craiglist.

Landlords, show thyselves and thy abodes. We shall win thee over with our solid credit scores and gainful employment. Huzzah!

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