Monday, June 22, 2009

Swedenborgian wedding

The tidal wave of weddings has begun! Yesterday Mike's coworker got married in a beautiful Swedenborgian Church that had both stained glass and giant seashells on display - a little bit Christian, a little bit Pagan. The best part: a brochure on Swedenborgianism (?) that asked the burning question - Was Emanuel Swedenborg the most intelligent man who ever lived? I gather that we were supposed to respond in the affirmative.

All the wedding guests then climbed into a trolley for a bizarro San Francisco tour of the Western Addition, the Castro, the Mission, and Pac Heights. Tourist sites? Not so much. The crazy bell-clanging driver deposited us in the Marina, where we got on a boat for a sunset dinner cruise. It was capital-G Gorgeous. Mike has better photos than I do (for once), but here we are, windblown, with the Golden Gate Bridge behind us.

We saw pelicans! And seals! And mother-fing porpoises! It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday, especially since I otherwise would have been home in bed, whimpering about my whiskey-induced hangover. Seriously, whiskey: never again.

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Mike G. said...

man my hair is all over the place. but you look pretty baby.