Monday, August 11, 2008

Tell me it gets better

Season 2 of Friday Night Lights pretty much sucks. Last night we watched episode 5 (I think), and it was positively campy. Saaaaaaaad.


dethbakin said...

I knoooow! If I remember correctly, it does get better as the season goes on, but it never reaches the level of Season One Glory.

bearfax said...

I concur with Beth - the 1st season really made me cry every single episode, and the second season was difficult to love as much. I was especially frustrated with NBC's transparent ploy to make the show seem more Teen Drama, with mid-episode recaps highlighting Landry's murder, Julie's horrid behavior, etc etc. I was like GOD THIS IS NOT THE O.C. And then it got better, and then they ran out of episodes. But it is still magic.