Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I just sent an email to a publisher that had some insulting account notes at the bottom - including how disorganized the company is, and how my contact (the email's lucky recipient) applied for a job on our team and got shot down. Ahhhhhhhh.

The only upside is, they weren't my notes - I was just working off them for my email. I have a feeling that isn't going to help, though. Damn you, technology, for making communication so easy! And so mortifying.

Has anyone else done this?


E said...

don't feel bad. email is an unfortunate tool sometimes. i have a friend who once replied to a group invitation for a job interview that she would "like to take a shit between 2 and 3" (i.e., shift).

uhteacher said...

My favorite all-time reply all story:

The IT woman at my school is godawful, and never does any work. The grading software was messed up, and the curriculum director kept hassling her about fixing it.

Finally, the curriculum director sent an email to the IT woman, and cc'ed the principal, (who is a nun,) asking the IT woman to fix the problem.

Our IT PERSON accidentally replied all, and sent an email that was intended for the principal to both the principal and the curriculum director saying, "Principal X, Get this bitch off my fucking back."

I think the following make this story awesome:
1. The accidental "reply all" was made by an IT person, and
2. The person who was supposed to "get [a] bitch off [her] fucking back" was a nun.

Here's to you, IT lady, for making us all feel better about ourselves.

GGB said...