Friday, August 15, 2008

Nostalgia is not a dirty word

So the other day Mike asked me if I am going to relive college for the rest of my life. And despite the fact that I was elbows deep in the alumnae magazine and making weird reaction noises under my breath as I read the notes for the Class of 1953, I looked at him like, Me? What?

That is because Wellesley was just so weird. Reliving college is for sorority girls and date rapists, and those who otherwise peaked while doing a keg stand. But because we totally had to make our own fun and thereby got to be the Coolest Kids Ever, I feel like it isn't so much reliving as reminding myself that the uber-coolness of my current life was hard-won. Or something.

In any case, I love Wellesley in a way I definitely did not think possible first year. Or sophomore year. Or any time I was infuriated by the myopic administration and fascist regulations. But seriously, it is very hard to look at this slideshow of Marathon Monday 2008 and not reminisce about 2005.

Whether you feel like saying it in the short bus way or not, what we had at Wellesley was pretty special.

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almhall said...

well, you're special. yesterday i had to talk to just-about-to-be-first -years and answer questions. uhhh, not qualifi---no, just shouldn't be allowed to do that.