Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Name help

I have to come up with a name for my fantasy football team at work, and I am feeling pressure to have something clever. My boss' team is the Kickass Ass Kickers, so there is at least some room for rudeness. Any suggestions?

If you are good with naming stuff, I could also use help with a bike gang name for me, Mike and Leslie - and you, if you like the name you create so much that you want to take up cycling. Velo- cycle- and bike- stuff preferred, but Bikes & Brews is the best we've come up with so far, and it's pretty weak. This is priority #2, though, if you are adding things to your to-do list.

Ok, side note: do you call things on your to-do list "action items"? Because I do, now. I feel like my vocabulary is getting taken over by MBA-speak. Last week, in an Important Meeting, I introduced a project proposal and said that I had built in room for flexibility, so that we could expand and adapt the project on the next go-round. At least three people nodded (That Girl behavior!) and involuntarily muttered, "iterate". It was positively Pavlovian - at Google we say iterate, iterate, iterate! I'll iterate on your ass, man.

Woah, should my team name be "Iterate Your Ass"?

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GGB said...

For those interested, I went with "Dillon Panthers". Yes, I sure did.