Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mike stands on street corners. For civil rights.

Mike totally out-allied me last night - he spent 3 hours in the Castro, soliciting money and volunteers for Vote No on Prop 8. Apparently all the other campaigners had personal stories about why they support gay marriage - Mike's explanation was that this is the defining civil rights issue of our time. He got a couple dollars, several volunteers, and a few date proposals. Coincidentally, the volunteers were briefed in the offices of the Human Rights Campaign - which is the first charity I ever gave money to on my own (i.e. without my mom making me).

When Mike was done harassing passers-by, I met him for dinner at Nirvana. This place has absolutely amazing grilled bread that comes with a coconut curry dipping sauce, and the top of the bread is all glazed and crackly. It is SO GOOD. So way to go Mike, way to go tasty bread, and way to go gay marriage.

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