Monday, August 11, 2008


I have no idea if anyone reads this anymore, but I will keep on keeping on, since I need a break from work right now and breaking out my Backpacker magazine might be a bit obvious. Here were some highlights of my weekend:
  • Hartz dropping a well-spiced shrimp into her fresh IPA at Toronado; unwilling to give up on the beer, she chugged it as shrimp legs detached from the body and floated around in her glass. CHAMP.
  • Going to Specs' in North Beach as a part of my coworker's pub crawl. It was a great discovery, and it didn't hurt that Sarah wore a disco ball dress and that there was a piano player who sang Happy Birthday to her. CHAMP.
  • Having breakfast at Mojo's and then wandering the Divis farmer's market. Fresh flowers in the house!
  • Getting the stool below at the Design Within Reach warehouse sale in Fort Mason.No, it is not the greatest thing to sit down on since your ass, but it is cute, and its list price is $358 and I got it for $10! CHAMP.
  • We spent most of beautiful beautiful Sunday at Dolores Park for our friend Olivia's birthday. There were dogs and balloons and cheese and wine drunk straight out o' the bottle. CHAMPS.

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