Monday, August 11, 2008

Like the SATs, but more annoying

I just took a Meyers-Briggs assessment for work. Maybe the Meyers-Briggses are super clever and truly know what they're doing, but it seemed like a lot of crap to me. I get that they ask the same questions in a lot of different ways for a particular reason, but it's impossible not to want to game the test a bit. If I have to choose whether I like "feeling" or "thinking" better, maybe there's no clear winner - but between "sentiment" and "reason"? I'm not unaware my boss is going to get my assessment, dude.

My favorite was the what-are-you-like-at-a-party series: do you talk to one person or a group, do you introduce yourself or let others introduce you, do you feel energized or drained, etc. Do I not get to mix it up here? Can I not be perky sometimes and get drunk in the corner with Mike at others? Same with impulse vs planning - can't I be both organized and spontaneous? I guess my inconsistency means that I'll be somewhere in the middle - or it'll turn out I'm a sociopath.

There's really no winning here. I associate emotions with weenie hippies and hard logic with assholes, and I had to align myself with one or the other. We'll see which team I'm playing for in a few weeks.

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slb said...

1. I still read your blog!
2. I find personality tests kind of amusing. although the myers briggs becomes tedious (I think I've taken it 3 times now? I'm an INTP, for reference)
3. I also like standardized tests though
4.see you next week