Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stuff I Ate for my birthday

I forgot to give a full Birthday Report! Last Thursday we Fly Bar'd it up - sake bombs, dirty martinis, and Carvel cake. Waitress Beth and I even did some dancing up by the pool table. There are no pictures, alas, because everyone is so used to me taking the photos that no one bothered to bring a camera. Or they don't like my face. In either case, this is why I need Caitlin - for documentation, and, you know, friendship. I was very happy to see everyone, though, and to get even more attention than I usually do. Score!

I finagled Mike into taking me to Millennium for Birthday #2 on Saturday. Millennium has haute vegan cusine, so we chowed down on a black bean torte (whole wheat tortilla, caramelized plantains, smoky black bean puree, pumpkin-habanero salsa verde, cashew sour cream, strawberry-jicama salsa) that I am going to attempt to recreate with lentils this week. I ordered the Mediterranean roulade for dinner, and Mike had the barbecued tempeh. We finished it off with tiramisu and a blueberry torte, then rolled ourselves through the Loin to home. I think a sign of a really fine dinner is if you are asleep by 10 p.m. after consuming it, so bravo to Millennium.

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