Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh, Wellesley

I just got this email from the Center for Work & Service:

"We are writing to you, an alumnae working in the science industry, to assist us in marketing next years’ Wellesley Women in Science Job and Internship Fair to your company or organization...We really feel that our science students are among the best in the world and feel that this Wellesley Women in Science Job and Internship Fair has truly given them exposure and propelled their careers in the sciences. We thank you in advance for assisting us."

Science! Ha! Once I took Human Bio I was done with science, and never looked back. Now if they had asked me to come speak, I might have pretended to be a scientist for the day...

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dethbakin said...

Adding to the irony, I did NOT get that email!

I had to deal with the CWS from the other side of things when I travelled to Wellesley in the Fall for recruiting. They were amazing and pathetically incompetent. It made me sad. They need someone new who is not a dinosaur running that shit!