Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marin Centuwhaaaaa

Per usual, I signed myself up for an athletic event with the idea that it would be a Motivator; per usual, I have completely failed to do any training. But what the hey, the Marin Century is in a week and a half, and it'll be just fine, so long as my father doesn't completely kick my ass. (He, for the record, has been training for months, being a hardcore ex-marathoner man.)

My nod to training: on Saturday, Leslie, Mike and I went for a 20 miler. Not too intense, but there were a couple long low hills that took the wind out of my sails (sails? maybe I should rig up some bike sails...) Sunday we were going to go for another ride, but we spent the afternoon at Zeitgeist instead. Three cheers for us, and for having a last-minute dinner party that turned out deeeeelicious. Penitent, we went for another ride last night, just to Ocean Beach and back.

But this is the point of being young, right? Being able to perform athletic feats without going into cardiac arrest? Here's hoping!

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