Monday, July 28, 2008

Just like childhood, but with booze.

This weekend was an exercise in just screwing around, and it was excellent. On Friday we ordered pizza and watched a movie, which was a mainstay activity in the Brennan household when I was a Genevievette. If only we had thrown some Cherry Coke and a screeching fight with my brother into the mix, I would have thought I was 8 again.

Then, on Saturday, we went to a surprise party in the park. Leslie's roommates and friends got her to Speedway Meadow via a scavenger hunt, and there was cake and balloons and kickball. PLUS almost everyone there had ridden their bikes, and lots of friends stopped by, and people older than me had to remind me to put on sunblock. After a shower and a harrowing bout of hair-detangling (remember, remember how awful it was when your mom came at you with a comb?), we went to Meg and Ed's to play pretend with their friends. They hosted a murder mystery dinner, where you dress up like a character and the "attorney" reads the will and everyone tries to figure out who killed the millionaire. I was the dead guy's sister, and with each glass of wine I forgot more and more about who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to know, until I pretty much was just Lucille Bluth (Halloween '07) again. Once we got past the initial awkwardness of having to be nasty to people we didn't really know, it was a wicked good time.

Here is me and my in-game baby daddy, being all rich and cool:Mike's cowboy getup was a product of necessity, as our friend Niklas was a last-minute addition to the party and did not have a character. Despite being deeply Swedish and wearing women's flared jeans, we managed to make him into long-lost Uncle Biff, who talked in a terrifying "Texas" accent and helped Mike's character navigate the subtleties of lying to me. It went very well.

On Sunday Niklas and I reclaimed his missing bag from Fly Bar (contents: his camera, wallet, toothbrush, and passport) and went to our new local farmer's market to get some tomatoes and pretty flowers of an indeterminate variety. After sending Niklas back to the deepest depths of the peninsula - lions and tigers and Los Gatos oh my - and despite the fog, we went for a bike ride to the beach with Dumbro, then ate free Indian food in the park. Dumbro came back to our house for a few hours to shoot the shit, and Mike and I wrapped up the weekend on the couch with some West Wing and Friday Night Lights. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

(Perhaps not ending a sentence with a preposition, but if that was your response, you should probably go have a glass of wine or a joint or something now.)

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