Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dream Kitchen

Barf, right? I really never thought I'd be fantasizing about kitchens, but at this point Mike and I are just desperate for a dishwasher that we are ready to just have Ezzie lick our plates clean and leave it at that. The last family dinner resulted in at least two hours of dishwashing (not to mention stove scrubbing, floor mopping, red-wine-stain oxycleaning...), and neither of us were happy campers. There's no room for a standing dishwasher, though, so we've tracked down this countertop model, which we are seriously thinking about buying. It's just the size for two people, though it'll still take up more counter space than we can spare...

Oh my god, that was incredibly boring, wasn't it? I'm so sorry. To distract you: arts and crafts slash kitchen design! I want a blue chalkboard wall, I think.

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