Monday, July 20, 2009

Tiny letters

The world's smallest postal service was set up at Sunday Streets in the Mission yesterday, and I missed them! No fair.

Sunday Streets, by the way, was awesome. A few too many chirrens, but more than enough weirdness (bike-powered rock bands, rollerblade soccer games, a 6-person bike) to make up for it. The full day involved slowly biking up and down Valencia and 24th Streets, having brunch on Mike's coworker's roof (broiled oysters with smoked gouda and bacon, Tartine morning buns, Dynamo candied orange blossom and coconut doughnuts), drinking beers at Zeitgeist, and watching "Ace of Cakes" at Kari and Olivia's. Perfect day!


Addendum: I forgot to mention that I finally got a She-Bible dress, at a sidewalk sale. Kari and I beelined it for the same one:

We have excellent taste.

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