Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mike's on a boat

Well, not yet. But from the middle of September through the middle of October, Mike will be on a Greenpeace boat in the South Pacific, leaving from Fiji and winding up in the Cook Islands. Aside from being completely awesome for him, this means two things:
  • I'm sure as hell going to go meet him on the other side of the world when he's done.
  • You should come visit me in San Francisco while he's away!
Seriously, if you have been thinking about coming to visit but haven't actually planned a trip yet, book yo tickets. Because it will just be me and Ezzie, chilling in our apartment at the most beautiful time of the year in San Francisco. And I will be really fiending for some adventure (did I mention Hartz is going to Sudan at this same time?), so we can do crazy things like swing from the rope swing at Bass Lake and make kooky ice cream flavor combinations at Humphry Slocombe (salt & pepper and peanut butter curry, what what). Totally nuts.

In summation: mixed bag for me (loneliness followed by an awesome trip), but congrats to Mike! And come see me!

1 comment:

Marthine Satris said...

hopefully I will be back up in Sept! I'll check in with you and the Baroness fo sho.