Thursday, July 23, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

Signs I might be a grown up: for the first time in my life I hired a housecleaner. I was taught to believe that it is not how we Brennans roll, but Mike and I have lived in our apartment for almost 2 years, and we are crappy housekeepers. Not that we're really dirty or messy - we just overlook things like dusting and shower scrubbing. The things you don't notice until it's too much work to even think about.

So, in deference to the couple that will be housesitting for us the next week, we brought in a very highly-recommended cleaning crew. I left home about an hour into the process, at which point one guy (the owner, I think) was cleaning our oven, one lady was in the bathroom, and another lady was scrubbing the inside of my freezer. Mike kept me updated during the 3 hours they cleaned.

Mike: they are wiping down the sides of our trash can
me: oh man
they are so good, huh?
Mike: yup
also vacuuming the dust off all the molding on our walls

The sides of our trash can! It's all I can do to wipe down the counters. Some of you may remember the beets that I left to incubate in the oven for three weeks. Again: oops. So, in summation, housecleaners = a good idea.

On the other hand, signs that I might not be a grown up: my mom sent a box with chewable gummy vitamins to my desk at work. They are so yummy I am having trouble regulating my Vitamin D intake now. They're gummy bears, guys!

Also last night I went to a Michael Jackson-themed potluck, where everything had to be named after MJ songs. My favorite: a casserole called Chili Bean Hot Pie Lover.


amcarlson said...

I know someone that had their whole gummy bear vitamins eaten by a friend in one sitting.

kiira gustafson said...

Your place is fantastic - spotless really. We're having such a great time! I'm trying to give Ezzie some exercise, but she insists on lying on her stomach and batting at the string with her paws. Lazy cat.