Monday, July 6, 2009

It just don't stop

Booked: Boston next week (July 13-18)
Booked: Austin the week after (July 24-August 1)
Booked: Ireland (August 22-31)
Still to be booked: New York before and after Ireland

Dudes, my carbon footprint is Sasquatch-style big.


dethbakin said...

Geoff and I will be in NYC August 6-10. If you will be there then, we should hang out on the other coast!!

Stephanie said...

Stop complaining you world travelling person. The only place I might be going anytime soon is Jamaica!

GGB said...

Jamaica sounds pretty awesome to me!

Bethy, unfortunately we'll be in NY around August 20, and again Aug 31-Sept 5 or so. But we can come visit you and the new kitten in SJ!

Caitlin said...

You could start traveling by sail boat..