Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Mike is on a plane on his way to DC, and I am at loose ends until Tina gets here in a few hours. What do people do on Sundays, anyway? Like a good San Franciscan, I went to the farmer's market. And duuuuude, it's fig season! Yes! I also scored a mini ollalieberry pie, a bunch of Thai basil (god I love it), three packages of fresh ravioli - cheese and spinach, butternut squash, and lobster - and a bunch gorgeous flowers - godesia. Beautiful, no?

I am also in Sonoma Coast recovery - Friday we canoed ten miles on the Russian River, which was sunny and gorgeous. I decide to show the sun my pasty body, and it got me good - every little patch that I neglected to slather in SPF 45 got burned up. Putting on my sexy padded biking shorts on Saturday was that much more painful, but we got in a great 30 mile ride along the river, from the coast to Guernesville and back. I also managed to drink a ton of tasty beer, camp at Pomo Canyon underneath the Redwoods, and slurp down several dozen oysters.

Icing down our oysters at Tomales Bay:

Heaven = oysters and a fine rose:

It was a very happy 4th of July.

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