Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This piece on runners is really cool (do I spend too much time reading the NYT? Yes.). I am trying to convince myself that I like to run, and this article helped mightily. There's one dude who has gone for a run EVERY DAY for 30 years! Aside from autonomic body processes, I'm not sure there is anything I have done every day of my (almost) 26 years.

Also! Running nun!

If Whoopi Goldberg is still the game, this would make a great "Sister Act 3: Sweating with the Lord". Whoopi could team up with a group of athletic nuns to fight inner-city obesity. They pray! They sing! They fight shin splints!

(Side note: when we watched Sister Act in high school Spanish class, it was called "Un Cambio de Hábito" - A Change of Habit. Way more clever, right?)

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slb said...

You've talked everyday since you learned how . . . a lot. . .

(I am pretty sure you've never taken a vow of silence or been on a meditation retreat but maybe i just don't know you at ALL)