Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that make you say Hmmm

So yesterday was, obviously, Inauguration Day. And that was amazing, of course. But the best part was that at about 2 p.m., Mike and I took a coffee break at Mojo. We sat in the sunny backyard, sipped our beverages, and split a mozzarella sandwich. Then we popped down to Hayes Valley (where we never go, because it is just too precious for Mike) because I had heard that Paulette Macarons was opening that very day.

I realize there are many places that sell macarons, and that macarons are on the verge of being trendy; the next cupcake, if you will (and Teppi will). But they are still adorable, and they are still delicious. And Paulette Macarons sells nothing but.

We got home just in time for me to remember that I had a personal training session. Rad. It turned out to be a fitness assessment - largely measurements and stretching - so I didn't puke up my macarons. I did, however, learn that I am made up of way too much fat for my taste, and that I am less flexible than the vast majority of humanity. Sad, but good motivation for a workout. Right? Right.

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