Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello, Brain

We relaxed in Houston, to a certain extent - I really like Mike's family, but you can only chill out so much when you are trying to buff your rough edges for your boyfriend's loved ones. Being a guest is a fabulous chance to get onto other people's schedules, though, and we were lucky that Mike's family is laid back. When we got back to SF, Caitlin was already in town and so became our roomie for the rest of our break.

I managed to get violently ill on the 31st, and had to forgo all New Year's celebrations. Mike joined me on the couch to watch movies, instead of, you know, partying with the majority of humanity.

Despite its rather shitty (if you only knew) beginning, 2009 is shaping up a-ok. We spent the last week sleeping in, walking and bike riding around the Bay Area, and catching up with peoples. 

On Friday Caitlin and I wanted to cook, and we wound up having 10 people over for an impromptu dinner party. Here are the raw materials of excellence.

Right? And we had a fabulous time, without even playing Celebrity! Miraculous. Now I am back at work, trying to get my head back in the game. And planning all the trips I have to take for the next year. At least one a month, it looks like. Boston, Chicago, here's looking at you!

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