Monday, January 12, 2009

And a happy Monday to you too

Friday night we went out for scorpion bowls. Scorpion bowling is like skydiving - you know there is serious danger involved, but you hope that you'll have enough fun to make it worth it. And that you won't die.

Well, Mike almost did. Ok, not really, but his burgeoning cold was not helped by an evening of fruity bowls of hard liquor. So Saturday we were lazy. But! But! We finished the last season of The Wire. It was a sad day. We miss Wallace and Stringer Bell and Bodie and Carver and Bunk and Snoop and Gus and Cutty and Omar, especially Omar. That show is freaking awesome.

So we are taking suggestions for what else to Netflix.  

Yesterday we did some Wiretap stuff, then went to Ocean Beach. It was 65 and sunny, and I was a happy happy lady. We stayed for the sunset, which would have been very romantic if I hadn't been nervous that I had sat in fresh seagull crap.

I hadn't.

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