Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm working out of the San Francisco office today. I was going to work from home, but I have a meeting to videoconference into. So here I am! 

Also on this VC are three offices around the world. A beautiful aspect of the Goog: right now I am having snarky chats with colleagues in two other locations about the current speaker. I can see them trying not to laugh on the VC. 

I grabbed a little office right on the Bay Bridge side of the building - the views are amazing. I'll upload some photos later. 

Huzzah for working from a "remote" location 3 miles from my house!

UPDATE: Mike visited for lunch, and boy did we avail ourselves of the spread. They even have a warmer for the chocolate chip cookies! We both got to go down the slide between floors, which made my day.

As promised, here's the view from the Embarcadero side of the building. I am pleased.

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