Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The other GGB

A fact of living in a bity city is that it is not possible to do everything. There will always be bars, restaurants, walks, shows, sights and events that I won't get to experience. Argh! It's so irritating, especially on nights like Sunday, when the rest of the city was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge opening. We had just driven home from our friend's farm and the last thing I was ready to do was go party. Instead I sat at my kitchen table, stuffing my face with farm veggies, and listened to the fireworks.

I love this city desperately, and every time I drive over the bridge I get a little thrill. This is where I LIVE, this magical place. So in honor of a gorgeous bridge and a gorgeous city, check out some pictures of the good ole GGB. My favorite is below; there's something equally chilling and cheeky about a bridge with no deck.
It looks a little nakey, no?

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