Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mom effect

My mom and I have eaten our way through the Bay Area, and I am impressed with our efforts.

  • Wednesday: Mom lands, and we hit a neighborhood joint for some light Mediterranean food and white wine.
  • Thursday: Bar Crudo dinner, including oysters, chowder, mussels, uni, tacos, lots of wine, and a mighty fine cheese plate.
  • Friday: Greens for lunch. Hayes Valley stroll: wine and deviled eggs at Two Sisters, wine and a cheese plate at Arlequin, dinner at Bar Jules.
  • Saturday: gardening the whole dang day. Grilled sausages and ate them on rolls with garlicky kale for dinner.
  • Sunday: Napa Valley wine train! Ribs, slaw, creme brulee, and wine out the wazoo.

Tonight we're doing a bit more yardwork, then grilling again before my mom's flight. As a mother's day gift I got her upgraded to first class! I can't wait to see how she likes it.

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