Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I just got back from my second trip to Austin in as many months, and you might wonder exactly how much live music and margaritas a gal can handle. As it turns out, about 5 days worth, because every time I visit Texas I come home with a bit of a cold and a lot of sleep debt. But it is entirely worth it - I got my fill of hot days and warm nights, cold swims in Barton Springs, and lots and lots of Topo Chico burps.

I flew down last Wednesday, in anticipation of Mike wrapping up his CA-NM-TX music tour on Thursday. I celebrated my first ever Austin Night Out Sans Mike (TM pending) with fancyladydrinks and dinner at Contigo, an outdoor seating dreamland of odd animal parts and delicious cocktails. While waiting for the boys to roll into town on Thursday, I hit TacoDeli for some of the best tacos I've ever had, and discovered my favorite beer - as well as Cowgirl Creamery cheese! - is stocked at the HEB. Way to go, ATX. Mike had shows on Thursday night and Friday afternoon, and we spent some time at PsychFest. The people-watching was the best part - did you know there are ladies out there who wear bathing suits with heels in public? There are! And they mostly look fabulous. But still.

Most of the time at festivals the goods for sale are crappy t-shirts and glass pipes, but I spotted the bags below and had to have one. Picked up the one on the far right - I'm a sucker for stripes and color.

Aside from watching people and music, I also swam in Barton Springs, went for hot/sweaty/short runs, saw babies, and got to visit with many people I love. Behold below: by the powers of my addiction to Instagram, a quick photo odyssey.

My friend's dignified and snuffly cat, Rufus:
 Late night pizza fail: I dropped it as soon as I was handed it. Mourning.
 Mexican martinis are absolutely the best.
 Spotted out on a run: porch swing with chandelier. IT SHALL BE MINE.
 Mike's band, Al Lover and the Haters, performing at PsychFest.
When I am wearing these sandals I constantly stop to admire them. Practical? No. Satisfying? Yes.
 Isla, the happiest baby.
 Frito pie is a Thing. I can't say I appreciate it, but I am amused.
Austin is like another home to me, and we talk about moving there, but honestly, it's always wonderful to get back to SF. Stepping out of the airport and into the crisp fresh air is so refreshing and satisfying. Almost like a Topo Chico.

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