Monday, May 21, 2012

Ready fo' summer

It has been consistently sunny and beautiful in San Francisco lately. The problem? It's 65 degrees and windy, which makes for sweater-on-sweater-off days and chilly nights. Our backyard, luckily, is protected from the wind, so I've been working up a sweat gardening. Still, I'm glad to have some trips - large and small - planned to warmer climes.
  • A work trip to New York that I've expanded to include a weekend getaway with some ladyfriends at my parents' house in the middle of nowhere + a weekend in the city with Mike.
  • A weekend in LA for a show Mike's band is playing.
  • A wedding in Boston that I hope will include introducing Mike to the White Mountains and the glory that is the Atlantic coastline in the summer.
  • A day use reservation for Kirby Cove, with the goal of having a daytime rager. Well, maybe more like this. Except more poorly organized.
  • A weekend house rental on the Russian River with what looks to be a dozen Wellesley ladies.
  • A reserved day by the pool at Francis Ford Coppola's winery in Sonoma. 
  • And a hot air balloon ride that I still have to book. It requires getting up before dawn, but floating over Sonoma should make up for it.
Can't wait.

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Stephanie said...

Make sure you let me know when you are in Boston!