Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nom nom

This Eater post is a pretty good summary of the NYC vs SF food debate. New York is obviously a global culinary stage, but so, in its own way, is San Francisco

Better in NYC:
  • Pizza. Oh hell yes.
  • Celeb chefs. It's true that New York has more famous chefs, and flashier ones. But I don't have enough money to really care all that much.
  • French food. I have noticed that there are more, and better, French restaurants in New York - but maybe it just seems that way to me because the Google NY office is near Pastis, and my friends were regulars at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn.
  • Burgers. Eh, maybe. New York definitely created the $30+ burger phenomenon. Thanks for that.
Better in SF:
  • Mexican food. Oh hell yes.
  • Coffee. I don't really drink coffee, and when I do it makes me too much of a spaz to enjoy it, but I do know a lot of serious hardcore it's not even funny coffee nerds.
  • Celeb chefs. Ours are a bit dippity-doo, but they are also nice and grandmotherly. Alice Waters is, anyway.
  • Breads/pastries. I'm torn here. While I think San Francisco bakeries are some of the finest on the planet (come to my local farmer's market and try not to make sexy noises while eating an almond croissant), I would really kill for an Italian bakery or two. Whenever Mike and I are in New York we wind up with at least three huge grease-stained bags of sfogliatelle and biscotti and cannoli and wedding cookies.
And now I am hungry.

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