Monday, August 9, 2010

A dream come true

This flight attendant on a flight in NY cursed out a passenger, got on the PA system of the plane to curse out everyone on board, then jumped on the emergency slide to make a break for it. He is my hero.


MISS YURI said...

agreed. this is awesome. BUT. did you see this comment?

"I was on Flight 1052, and this not what I saw happen.

The attendant, Mr. Slater had a cut on his head when I boarded the plane in Pittsburgh. It seem fresh, but it was not bleeding. I was actually going to comment on it, but didn’t because it seemed weird that it was so large but wasn’t bandaged.

He started laughing when he was demonstrating how to use the inflatable life vest.

He also bumped into arm rather clumsily once while I was seated; maybe I was a little in the aisle as I was using the armrest. But then it happened again, but not as much.

When the flight pulled up to the terminal several people got up because the plane had stopped. However, it was still “a foot away” from the gate (according to the pilot.)

The passengers were instructed to close the overhead bins and remain seated, which they did. One man had trouble closing the bin door, but closed it and sat down. At no time did I hear the passenger curse, nor did I see a piece of luggage hit the flight attendant. I was in seat 17C, an aisle seat; plus, I’m 6′2″, so I can see over the seat in front of me.

About 3 minutes after we were allowed to get up and exit the plane, he made an announcement on the PA system that he had been working for years and he didn’t need this, good bye (or something to that effect – I’m pretty sure he cursed.) I didn’t see the emergency shute opened when I exited the plane, and my exit wasn’t delayed as a result of this activity. This part is news to me.

I think he was intoxicated or impaired in someway, possibly because of the bump on his head.

— Greg Kanczes"

Leslie said...

oooh... the plot thickens... i mean, he did grab a beer before sliding out of the plane..

either way, i love this story.

GGB said...

VERY interesting. This NYT article has some new info: Including the bit Leslie mentioned about the beer from the beverage cart.

I love it all.