Monday, August 23, 2010


Dudeskis, I am exhausted. I've been in Boston since last Wednesday, and I have been living it up. I've caught up with friends and my thesis advisor and family, attended a wedding, and, of course, lost my voice from the indulgence of it all.

Here is a creepy grainy photo of my pub crawl on Friday night, in which everyone looks evil or like night creature. But scorpion bowls! So fun!
I forgot the cable that connects my camera to my computer, so all we're working with are pictures from my phone. We attempted to go to a Red Sox game, which was rain delayed. It did start eventually, though.
And then it stopped after three innings, so we gave up. To make up for it, we reconnected with a long-lost Wellesleyite, Sarah. The reconnection occurred because Maia randomly subletted a room in Sarah's apartment. Wild!
It was a pretty happy thing. Now I am on the bus headed to my parents', which will take hours and hours but will end with me being here.

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