Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let me tell you something

Yesterday was a good day. I was in my car when the Prop 8 decision got handed down, and I whooped and hollered like it was my job. I also clapped, but that is a bad thing to do when you are driving. I also teared up a little bit too.

Then we went out to celebrate yet another leave-taking. Meesh and Jaime are leaving San Francisco (following Ronak and Uchenna, who moved last week), and I am going to miss them. We sent them off with a big drunk night on Haight St., with the Prop 8 ruling euphoria pumping us up.

Which brings me to a less happy item: why do people go? Friends in San Francisco, do not be surprised if I am a little clingier than usual; I am determined to suck the very marrow out of our friendship before you can get away. Doesn't that sound friendly?

Finally, I got word that the Hayes Valley Farm (recent victims of a terrible bee massacre!) gives away free produce on Sundays. Well boy howdy, I will be there.

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