Friday, February 19, 2010


The San Francisco Police Department has been pretty awesome to me lately. A few weeks ago my purse got stolen from a bar. One minute it was next to me on a bench, the next minute it was gone. I knew who took it, since a guy sat down next to me just before the purse disappeared, and he was also gone when I noticed my purse was missing. SUCKAGE. The purse had my keys, my wallet, my glasses, and a hat. My phones were in my pockets, thank god, since my Goog phone is the only thing I own that is worth anything.

A friend call the police for me and two officers showed up. They took information from me, they took information from a guy at the bar who saw the dude that took my purse, and they were very thorough. One of the officers had very neat and endearingly girly handwriting. They put me on a call alert list that would automatically dispatch officers to my apartment if I called 911, since I was afraid the thief might try to use my keys to get in and steal my stuff.

When I got out of a cab outside my building, a car pulled up to the curb, and two plainclothes officers asked if I was Genevieve. Um, yes. Turns out they were patrolling my block. Impressive!

Just a few minutes later, a chick called to say she had found my purse, with my wallet still in it. My wallet had my business card, so she called my cell. Fantastic! I went to get the purse, and everything was there - keys, wallet with cards and CASH. But not my hat. I lose hats every month or two, so I figured this was the universe's most elaborate way of keeping my on schedule.

It took another few hours to realize my glasses were gone. It's been a pain in the ass getting them replaced, and it would have been cheaper if the thieves had just taken the cash and left the glasses, but I promise I am not complaining.

Since the theft, I have gotten two voicemails from the SFPD asking if I have any more information on the suspect. I have managed to forget to call them back both times, but that changes today, I swear. The thing that's crazy is that I called the night of the theft to say the purse had been recovered. So either they missed that memo, or they are just that thorough.

And I don't want to sound ungrateful, but: don't they have better things to do?

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Michelle said...

Haha! Jamie told me that SF has the highest concentration of cops in the US. They might also just be tired of handing out loitering tickets to homeless folks.