Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beer Week

Holy shnikeys it is almost Beer Week in SF! There are just so many things I want to go to. There are a ton of beer dinners - i.e. menus with beer pairings - but those are expensive, and I like trying to pair beers on my own, even though I'm not very good at it yet.

Here are some events that look good:
  • Beer Cocktails and Late Night Beer Happy Hour at Alembic - all beer week.
  • Humphry Slocombe Beer Ice Creams - all beer week.
  • SFBW'10 Scavenger Hunt (!!!) - all beer week.
  • Organic Vegan Beer Dinner: Bison Brewing Co. at Millennium Restaurant -2/5-7.
  • Beer to Brakers - woohoo! This Saturday, 2/6. I am most definitely doing this.
  • Brewery Night: New Belgium Brewing Co. at The Toronado on 2/6. Don't scoff, serious beer geeks - New Belgium will always have a special place in my heart, because you can send free postcards from their brewery in Fort Collins. My dad and I sent my mom 8, drunkenly.
  • Mini Firkin Festival - Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery, 2/9. 12 cask conditioned beers!
  • "A Night Without Hops" with Brian Hunt (Moonlight Brewing Company) - The Monk's Kettle. Mike "IPA Lover" G. would never go to this with me.
  • Bavarian Beer Breakfast - Gordon Biersch San Francisco 2/12. Tempting, though not the best idea.
I just got overwhelmed and skimmed the rest, but there is much there. Beerbeerbeerbeerbeer!

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Mike G. said...

This one sounds awesome: Organic Vegan Beer Dinner: Bison Brewing Co. at Millennium Restaurant -2/5-7.

I'm also down for Beer to Breakers, fo sho.