Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's tally it up

Wins for today:
  • Got my eyebrows threaded. Hurt like a biznitch but it turns out my eyebrows DO have an arch!
  • Bought a blazer that is made out of sweatshirt material. A new day has dawned: the day of the Professional Sweatshirt.
  • Scatterbrain Jamboree at Thee Parkside tonight.
  • Ate a pound of Jordan almonds.
Losses for today:
  • Also got my upper lip threaded, just because I had a Groupon. Hurt like a biznitch but it turns out I look no different sans invisible moustache.
  • Persistent sinus headache.
  • Ate a pound of Jordan almonds.
Let's-see-how-it-goes for today:
  • Questionable haircut. Bangs good, A-line cut not so good; Ramona Quimby-esque in the back. Unfortunate.
  • Dreamed last night that we new apartment; apartment fantastic, except contained tomb of Nabokov in the living room. Received Wellesley magazine today, noted full article on Nabokov. Eerie.
The wins have it, for now, dependent upon the haircut. If a shower and some time saves it, excellent - if not, I'm going to have to lop it, and then I really will look like Ramona Quimby.


Marthine Satris said...

I too like the bangs. I think the cut is darn cute overall!

GGB said...

Thanks Tina! I'm just learning how to wrangle it. Poofy bangs = unfortunate.