Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Otago Pinot

When I lived in New Zealand I spent a few weeks working in a pinot noir vineyard in Central Otago. It was pretty fun, for field work - the local ladies told dirty jokes and sang all day. The vineyard's softball team wore white t shirts with pinot noir juice splattered all over them. I bought a lamb from a farmer for $26, named him Dinner, and had him butchered - two weeks worth of meals!

When I got back to the US, though, I couldn't find any pinot noir from Otago at all, let alone from my vineyard. Bummer.

But it turns out that they are starting to catch on! i.e. The New York Times has given New Zealand pinots their seal of approval. So if you ever see wine from Kurow New Zealand, let me know - it is the very sweat of my brow. Delicious.

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